How I started:

While attending the University of Central Florida, I came across The Dinner Party Project, a local business that brings strangers together over a dinner table. You don't know who will show up, nor the menu or location. You only know the location the day before or the day of. Up to that point, I was terribly shy and in my own little bubble, holding on to my engineering books and only really knowing the walls around UCF. That week I was ready for a change and to break out of my comfort zone and really be a part of my community during a time where I felt a bit lost in a big city.

After attending TDPP, I fell in love with the community concept , and the people I met that day those 2 years ago I still know today. For the next 2 years up to today, I would volunteer every month at dinner parties and events, meeting leaders and the beautiful people of Orlando, along with incredible local chefs, all of whom I saw as true creative artists. Being behind the kitchen with chefs made me want to share their story, and I had a strong urge to document the incredible food being made, along with events in Orlando that the normal public did not know about. And so it began with instagram, posting on food and travel. I actually created the page while in Brooklyn, NY, knowing that I really wanted to not only share experiences in Orlando, but also the uniqueness of other cities. And so, The Wandering Maven instagram had begun.

What is The Wandering Maven?

This blog aims to share reviews of restaurants, behind the scenes stories, and travel insights both locally in Orlando and internationally. The Wandering Maven has branched into a media outlet to help promote local businesses, brand awareness, giveaway collaborations, and photography. But in the end, the goal is really to expose on the culinary and community happenings in the city, to help promote local , while bringing the community together.

I am so excited to start this journey , and share creative content of my own and the help of contributing writers that have helped build the blog. Welcome to the site!

-Much love,