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Mora Pizza Brings the Best Pizza to Wynwood

Mora Pizza Brings the Best Pizza to Wynwood

Written by contributor Angela of @a_cuteangleeats. All words and photos are hers.

Mora Pizza Wynwood Miami

In an ever growing vegan culture, eating out can still be underwhelming. With limited restaurants, and even less quick service options, the vegan community can sometimes find themselves struggling for local spots.

Mora Pizza Van

However, if you’re out in Wynwood and spot the Mora Mystery Van, then you’ve located a vegan treasure. On an unassuming corner lies the newest pizza place in town- serving up a fully vegan menu. 

Mora Pizza Garlic Knot Pizza

Mora Pizza began, as most unique eateries do, as a food truck frequenting local events and festivals. Jon Mora, owner and head pizzaiolo, has always had a passion for cooking. But a desire to incorporate different pizza cultures and his decision to turn to veganism 3 years ago, gave birth to what is Mora Pizza today. His passion for the food he creates holds the same approach as an artist to a painting, incorporating varied colors, textures and flavors.


Mora serves up NY style pizza, massive slices packed with flavor and requiring use of both hands for consumption. Their signature slices stay true to global pizza culture- Buffalo Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Caprese, Blanca and the OG- Cheese. But with a passion for creativity, Jon enjoys creating a special of the day- a unique surprise that is ever-changing. Some of these pies include a Cheeseburger Pizza (made with vegan ground beef, tomato, red onion, sliced pickles, mac ‘n cheese and a creamy mustard sauce), Cheesy Potato Pizza (sliced fried potatoes, homemade provolone cheese sauce, chives and garlic oil) and the Crab Rangoon (cream cheese spread, vegan crab, wontons, raspberry sauce and cilantro).

Mora Pizza Garlic Knots

Not to be missed is their equally stunning and delicious Cheesy Garlic Knot Pizza. Adorned with a ring of garlic knots perfect for ripping and dipping in their homemade marinara, a family recipe (and our personal favorite).

Mora Pizza Oreo

Of course any pizza meal must be topped off with dessert, and Mora doesn’t skip on decadence. Special dessert pizzas, such as the Oreo slice, are another display of culinary creativity at this local pizzeria. Galactic Crunch, a vegan cheesecake spread pizza topped with Captain Crunch Berries, is a must for cereal lovers. Or a Pancake Slice may be more your thing, topped with mini vegan pancakes, Hershey’s Chocolate Sauce, @maplesyrupvermont maple syrup and crushed oreos. In the end, you can’t miss out on an American favorite, fried Oreos- crispy outer layers with a fluffy chocolate gooey center.


Mora Pizza’s location maintains the Wynwood vibe. Murals line the walls of this pizza parlor, along with their shared courtyard space adjacent to The Spot- a collective creative venue. Inside Mora you can snag a seat at the counter and receiving a greeting from Mora’s most important employee, Gianna. Jon Mora’s 8 year old daughter can always be found supporting her father, with a shared love of cooking and, obviously, pizza. Gianna’s words of wisdom on what to order? - “They’re all good”.

Mora Pizza


Once you spot the Mystery Van, you’ll find an adjacent parking lot. But if you’re unable to secure a spot here, you can always park the Miami way- there’s street parking available, so get those parallel parking skills checked. 

Overall Experience

Be prepared for a flavorful experience, truly enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike. Hit up Mora for any of their signature slices or keep up with them on Instagram (@mora_pizza) for details on all their daily specials.

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