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Secret Birthday Dinner with NateDoesFood at El Jefe in Jacksonville

Secret Birthday Dinner with NateDoesFood at El Jefe in Jacksonville

There is no doubt that over the past few years, Jacksonville has transformed into an incredible and buzzing place for businesses to plant themselves for growth and development , and is now undeniably one of the places everyone should recognize for the exciting food scene.

Restaurant Orsay, a French inspired bistro located in the Avondale area of Jacksonville,  was recognized by the James Beard foundation, which is the equivalent of being nominated for a Golden Globe or an Oscar in the food world.

Their chef, Brian Whittington, was nominated for the best chef in the South by the James Beard foundation in 2015. Jacksonville has been on the climb of bringing more restaurants as the city develops rapidly with new communities breaking ground.



Nate Mayo, founder of and #nomnomjax has been promoting restaurants and food blogging for several years. Nate is very well known by chefs and business owners throughout the city. He frequently hosts Secret Dinners that have limited seating and can range from a 5 course to a 20 course dinner! All for an incredible deal that is very affordable. He is the type of person that believes if there is passion in what you do, the money and success will inevitably follow.  His purpose and joy comes from connecting people over a dinner table with spectacular food, drinks, and atmosphere.


Birthday Dinner at El Jefe

Yesterday on February 25th 2019, I had the pleasure of being a part of Nate’s Birthday Dinner at the newest Tex-Mex restaurant called El Jefe, in which I was told by several people that this place had the “best tortillas in Jax” , and boy were they right. 


Nate’s dinner was similar to the other dinners he has hosted before- very intimate, a small group ( 15-20 people), incredible 6 course dinner taking you through the chef’s favorite dishes , delicious cocktails,  a decadent dessert to finish off the night, and of course, great conversation with the people of Jacksonville. 

Check out the delicious 6 course dinner we had last night. EVERY SINGLE dish was extraordinary , with a unique experience in every bite

The 6-Course Dinner

1) Blue Crab Fritter


2) Bone Marrow Taco with Mishima Reserve Oxtail Soup


3) Scallop Ceviche


4) Verde taco 5-star Thick cut Mishima Reserve Ribeye 


5) Mishima Reserve 5-star Ny Strip 


6) Dessert Trio: Churro,  Flan,  Tres Leches



 Special Thank You

Special Thank You to the Chef and Owner of El Jefe- I had some of the best tortillas and bone marrow I’ve ever had. Thank you to Nate for inviting me to your birthday celebration and I thank you for your mentorship and friendship.

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