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11 Most Instagrammable and Colorful Walls in Orlando (1st 5 Spots)

11 Most Instagrammable and Colorful Walls in Orlando (1st 5 Spots)

This article is a contribution from fellow local Orlando blogger Rose from Cake and Party DIY

Let me toot my own horn and say, this is one of the best guides for exploring colorful murals in Orlando!!!  Exploring a city, finding colorful spots, especially murals and taking pictures for Instagram has been one of my favorite fun things to do in the past two years.  I have taken my kids, my family, friends and fellow bloggers with me.  Outside of Disney or any theme park, Orlando has a so many walls and murals from talented artists, and of course, I had to take on the adventure!  I will include addresses and the artists name as much as I can.  If the artist name is unknown, and you do know it, please feel free to shoot me a line and I will revise the post to give them proper credit.  Are you ready? Let’s begin the guide for the 11 Most Instagrammable Colorful Walls in Orlando!!!

I will start with one of the most recent and my absolutely most favorite wall in Orlando.  It’s colorful, it’s happy and it’s neon!!! I want to give a huge thanks to Lindsey from the blog: and her supporters who commissioned the artist to paint this one in College Park.  

Location:  Infusion Tea, 1600 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL 32804

Artist: Chris Uphues

This next mural is very recent as well, and it’s part of the “Save the Monarch” initiative in Orlando.  It is one of a series of murals, which I haven’t been able to see yet, but I will.   The project creators hope to bring awareness to residents of Orlando about the importance of restoring Monarch butterfly habitats by planting milkweed in their own yards.

Location: Dr. Phillips Center for the Arts, 445 S Magnolia, Orlando, FL

Artist: Jane Kim and her artists at Ink Dwell Studio

I planned a colorful mural walk with my friends from Latin Bloggers Central Florida last May.  We visited the next 3 amazing locations, with kids and all!  My husband was the photographer, we drove him nuts, but had an awesome time!  

This one is very special since it’s a memorial in honor of the victims of the Pulse massacre.  The rainbow prismatic “Orlando United” heart is on the floor and the names of the 49 is engraved on the edge of the circle around the heart.  It’s a beautiful memorial!

Location: Colonial Townsquare Park, 820 N Fern Creek Ave, Orlando FL

Artist: Unknown

I absolutely love this mural because is the only one in Orlando featuring my spirit animal, a flamingo of course!  It also features a white swan and the Lake Eola Fountain which are very iconic to the city.  

Location: David’s World Cycle, 2517 Edgewater Dr, Orlando FL 32805

Artist: unknown

The Greetings Tour is a traveling duo of artist and photographer painting large letter post card art work across the US.   It’s always fun to have a picture with this one, especially if you are visiting a city. 

Location: Uncle Tony’s Donut Shoppe, 703 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL

Artist: Victor Ving

All photo credits:

Please click on Rose’s website for the next 6 amazing spots including the first photo!  

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